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Do you have a current resume that needs editing or a job description revamp? Purchase the Resume Editing Services to have ASL Terp Prep bring your resume to life.


Included in your purchase of resume editing services, will be:

  • Submission of one (1) current, existing resume by you to ASL Terp Prep
  • Editing services provided by ASL Terp Prep, LLC
  • One (1) review by you of the completed resume/One (1) chance to approve and ask for any changes
  • First draft of editing returned to you within one (1) week of receiving your resume, not purchase time.
  • If the second draft is asked for, said draft will be returned within one (1) week’s time of request.

*Proper spelling of your name, email, and jobs/companies is your responsibility


Example: You email your current resume to ASL Terp Prep. ASL Terp Prep edits/makes changes to the resume for spelling, punctuation, clarity, organization, etc. Resume is then emailed back to you. You look it over and decide you like it. OR you decide you want to change 1-5 small items (a year correction, a job responsibility, and the objective, etc.) so you email it back to ASL Terp Prep and ask explicitly for those specific changes. Once those changes are complete and emailed back to you, the transaction is complete.


You will download a PDF letter explaining the process and how to email your resume to ASL Terp Prep. You may submit your resume via a Word document or an editable Google Drive link.


*This is NOT a complete overhaul, nor a completely new resume.

Resume Editing Services

  • No refunds will be issued for this product.

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