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TEP Total Prep Workbook/Textbook

The only published TEP Prep workbook/textbook out there! Published in April of 2024, this consumable workbook/textbook offers an in-depth look at the TEP, discusses the English language's nuances, provides practice activities for each section of the exam, and boasts THREE full-length practice tests with answers.

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TEP Total Prep


To become a certified BEI (Board for the Evaluation of Interpreters) American Sign Language Interpreter, one must first pass the TEP (Test of English Proficiency). However, many Interpreter Training Programs do not focus on this element of becoming an interpreter. This English exam is paramount in ensuring the interpreter is ready to interpret from their L1 to their L2; in order to effectively interpret English/American Sign Language, one must be proficient in both languages. This workbook/textbook helps aspiring interpreters prepare for the five-part exam that will test their knowledge of: Reading Comprehension, Synonyms, Grammar & Usage, Sentence Completion, and Antonyms.

TEP Total Prep gives a comprehensive look at the exam, dives deeper into the English Language and its nuances, all while touching on why passing this exam will help aspiring interpreters be successful in their new careers.

TEP Total Prep:


If you're unable to attend the online TEP Prep Course, then this workbook may be a perfect solution for you. Don't worry about organizing or scheduling either--the book provides TWO sample schedule options to choose from, depending upon your timeline until your test date. 

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TEP Total Prep:

On demand

TEP Total Prep is available on Use Prime to order and have your book in 2-3 days. Start studying right away!

TEP Total Prep:

A product you can trust

The author, ASL Terp Prep, LLC/Stephanie Sargent, MS, has a BA in English Literature, was Web Editor for her college's print journal, taught English in the secondary settings for 9 years, worked at a community college writing center as a tutor, and has taught TEP Prep courses for 3 years. She has a MS in ASL/English Interpreting and understands the importance and value of having a mastery of the English language to produce effective and efficient ASL/English interpretation.

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