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Earn .75 (7.5 hours) BEI Ethics CEUs


For this self-paced novel study, you will purchase and read the novel Give Me A Sign by Anna Sortino. You are encouraged to read this novel through an ethical lens, meaning keep an eye out for ethical scenarios the characters experience. Think about how you might approach these topics with the Deaf community and fellow interpreters.


You will then complete the quiz via a Google Forms quiz, worth 20 points. You must pass with a minimum of 80%, which means you must correctly score at least a 16/20; there are 5 multiple choice comprehension questions and 3 short answer questions that require you to analyze ethical scenarios and type 1-2 paragraph responses (you may be asked to cite the CPC).


YOU MUST DOWNLOAD THE HANDOUT TO OBTAIN THE GOOGLE QUIZ LINK. You have 30 days to complete the download.


*Novel not included. You must purchase the novel on your own.


*For RID CEU approval you'll need to connect with your RID PINRA contact and get approval before starting.

Give Me A Sign: Novel Study Through an Ethical Lens

  • Please allow up to 2 weeks for your results/certificate of completion. Make sure you enter your name how it is listed in the registry, and your BEI or RID number correctly to make sure you receive your Ethics CEUs. Upon passing the quiz, you will earn .75 BEI Ethics CEUs once your documentation is approved by BEI DHHS.


    ASL Terp Prep, LLC will submit your name to BEI DHHS, however you need to then upload your documentation/proof for them to compare against (as with most other CEUs) in order to have the CEUs approved.

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