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This 16-week curriculum was designed for ASL/English Interpreting mentors, or those looking to become mentors. If you have wanted to become a mentor, but weren't sure how to start, this curriculum is for you. Everything is laid out for you and the weeks are interchangeable depending upon what your intern/mentee is working on at the time. This curriculum works with ITP students, interns, or even novice interpreters that are looking for guidance and more practice.


This curriculum contains over 60 pages of content from creating a mentoring philosphy to various activites you can provide to your mentees. Many of the activities even have guiding questions you can use with your mentee to help get the conversation started.


A few of the topics in the Fall curriculum are:

-Fingerspelling & Depiction

-Soft Skills

-Sight Translations

-Ethical Situations

-How to Give & Take Feedback/Teaming

-What I Wish I Knew

And so much more!


Activities include creating a mentoring contract with your mentee, interactive mentor/mentee lessons, ethical situation disucssions, solo practice work for the mentee, and observations through the lens of Demand-Control Schma (DCS), to name a few! 


This download contains links to YouTube Videos and other videos on the web. You can then upload these into GoReact if you have access to that, or you can provide live feedback while watching the interpretation. 


Start Mentoring Today!



*This is a single-use, personal license purchase. Do not copy, share, distribute, or provide a sharable link to anyone else.

Mentoring Curriculum-Fall Semester

  • No refunds will be issued for this product.

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