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The BEI Prep Calendar contains 5 weeks worth of prep material for the BEI Basic Interpreting Exam. Each week contains new pieces to practice in preparation for the exam; essentially providing you with 5 different full-length testing opportunities


Each day & week on the calendar has links to the 4 sections on the exam:

1) Expressive Interpreting (Monday)

2) Expressive Transliterating (Tuesday)

3) Receptive Interpreting (Wednesday)

4) Sight Translation (Thursday)

5) You will do all the pieces in a row to simulate the full-length test (Friday)


The Zip File contains:

1) An Infographic about the BEI and the prep material

2) The Calendar with clickable links to the interpreting pieces

3) Information about using a password to unlock the calendar PDF


The Expressive Interpreting and Expressive Transliterating pieces were created specifically by ASL Terp Prep, LLC for the BEI Basic exam level at 110 words per minute, and cover well-known possible topics of the BEI exam. The Receptive pieces are links to public YouTube videos presented in ASL, though ASL Terp Prep, LLC has reviewed these videos and found them applicable to the Basic exam; time stamps and directions regarding captions are mentioned in the calendar. The Sight Tranlsations were also created by ASL Terp Prep, LLC specifically for the BEI Basic Exam content.

*ASL Terp Prep, LLC does not own the rights to the ASL Receptive YouTube videos.


This purchase DOES NOT include feedback nor mentoring from anyone at ASL Terp Prep, LLC.


You must have access to the internet to download this Zip File; you also need access to PDFs, and access to the internet to view the videos. The Sight Translations are accessible through Google Drive.

BEI Basic Exam Prep Material

  • This purchase only contains the planning calendar with active links to the prep materials. Purchasing this product DOES NOT include feedback from ASL Terp Prep, LLC. 

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