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Focusing on Interpreter Preparation: Test of English Proficiency (TEP) Prep, Board for the Evaluation of Interpreters (BEI) Prep, Mentoring Curriculum, and Support for Novice ASL Interpreters.

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  • TEP Total Prep workbook/textbook now available on!

  • New CEU Offering- Give Me A Sign: Novel Study Through an Ethical Lens (.75 BEI Ethics CEUs)

  • Next online TEP Prep Course ...May -June 2024! Register Here!

What do we do?

ASL Terp Prep is a company founded based on the need for enhanced interpreter preparation. 

ASL Terp Prep offers the premiere online TEP preparation course. The Test of English Proficiency (TEP) is the written English test someone must pass in order to be able to sit for the Board for the Evaluation of Interpreters (BEI) expressive exam. 

We now offer BEI prep materials to help aspiring interpreters become comfortable with the content and rate of speed they will encounter on the BEI Basic exam.

We also offer Mentoring Curriculum, focusing on mentoring people during their intern year of their interpreter training. This curriculum could also be used with novice interpreters.

Finally, ASL Terp Prep offers support for novice interpreters through Resume creation and editing and workshops geared toward new interpreters.

Test of English Proficiency

For those wishing to become BEI certified ASL Interpreters, you must first pass the TEP. This is a written English test covering 5 sections, containing 80 questions total. The 5 sections covered are: Reading Comprehension, Synonyms, Grammar & Usage, Sentence Completion, and Antonyms.

Novice Interpreters

Just got certified? Congrats! Don't know what to do next? We are here for you with various supports to ensure you become the ASL/English interpreter you want to be.

Mentoring Curriculum

Would you like to help mentor someone training to become an ASL/English Interpreter, but don't know where to start? This curriculum provides information on mentoring philosophies, offers a 16-week (semester-long) curriculum full of exercises, and guidance for what to do with those exercises. 

BEI Prep Material

The BEI Basic exam is the hands-up, voice-on expressive and receptive test aspiring interpreters must pass in order to become a BEI certified interpreter. The interpreter must miss 43 or fewer objective units to pass. 

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Check out the reviews of the TEP Prep Course and new BEI Prep material!

"Stephanie's [TEP Prep] course really prepared for me for what to expect on the test, how to study for it, and alleviated my fears. I thought it was helpful to take a mock test using an old-school scantron. Thanks, Stephanie, for your enthusiasm and cheerleading from the sidelines. I felt more confident going in and felt this put me a step ahead for passing the exam the first time around. And I did!"

Ginger U., Texas

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